Video of cruel girl throwing puppies into a river sparks outrage!

FOOTAGE of another terrible case of animal cruelty has once again made its way online.  This time, the culprit a young woman is seen throwing puppies into a river one-by-one.

One of the puppies is thrown so high it narrowly misses the rocks alongside the water.  At one point, as the woman lobs another puppy that is black-and-white  into the water, she can clearly be heard saying, “whee.”

The clip comes only a week after Mary Bale a 45-year-old British woman was filmed dumping a cat into a bin.

Rightly, the footage has sparked online outrage throughout Facebook and the 4chan forums, the group of people responsible for tracking down the British cat-dumper last week.

“I would love to see that girl get tortured to the worst extent,” an anonymous user wrote.

“The problem isn’t just the girl in the video, it’s also the jerk who was filming it, and who posted it online,” another angry poster said.

PETA Asia spokesperson Ashley Fruno said the public would be surprised at how often this happens.

“PETA gets reports daily of similar animal cruelty cases,” she said.

“Video-sharing sites have unfortunately allowed uncaring individuals to publicise cruelty they inflict on animals.”

“We’re making sure that local activists in Croatia are aware of this horrible situation.”

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