Twilight sweethearts Edward and Bella finally get intimate on Breaking Dawn honeymoon

For those fans who just can’t wait to get another fix of their favorite vampire and are  anticipating the fourth installment of the Twilight Series, here is a sneak peek of the action in steamy scenes from the upcoming film.

The waiting is over folks and Edward no longer has to fight to resist Bella’s seductive charms.  After the overkill on sexual tension they finally get down to it.  Thankfully.

Breaking Dawn – Part One, will be on the big screen on November 18th and at last Bella and Edward consummate their marriage on their honeymoon in Brazil.  The moment has finally come.

Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, 24, has no consummated their love as he is worried he may harm Bella played by real life girlfriend Kristen Stewart, 20.  Finally he gives in when she agrees to marry him?

Bella unexpectedly becomes pregnant (not bad for a dead guy) with a half-vampire half-human daughter who naturally enough wants to drink on her mother’s blood.  Needless to say this makes Bella a bit off color and Edward is forced to turn her into a vampire to keep her alive.

Eclipse won four awards at the People’s Choice Awards in LA last week.

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