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Charlie Sheen thinks having his home searched by police is awesome!

Friday, March 11th, 2011
Charlie Sheen (Credit: Personal Photo)

Charlie Sheen‘s house was searched for guns that might be in violation of a temporary restraining order obtained last week by his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.

Police service representative Stacy Ball at the Van Nuys station says officers arrived at Sheen’s home late Thursday afternoon and conducted a search for several hours that concluded around 10:30 p.m. They were searching

Ball says officers retrieved an antique gun and that the search was routine when a person is subject to a restraining order.

Authorities say Sheen was cooperative.

Sheen described the event on his twitter as: “AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!!”

Sheen and his estranged wife Brooke Mueller issued a statement saying they had “reached an agreement that resolves their differences,” the details are being kept confidential for the benefit of their sons.

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Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011


Natalie Kenly and Bree Olsen are Charlie Sheen ‘s blonde girlfriends, who he refers to as “goddesses.”

Sheen says they’re the reason he wakes up every day. “They’re my beautiful perfect lovely family.  Not only do I deserve this, but it’s like, it’s on.”

Sheen, who calls Hugh Hefner an “amateur,” has been living with Kenly and Oberlin. On Tuesday’s “20/20,” they sat down for their own interview.

Apparently all three don’t share a bed, because they all like to have an “edge” of the mattress.

Kenly, 24, is a former model and nanny and currently graphic designer.  Sheen calls her “Natty Baby.”

Sheen calls Oberlin “Rach,” her porn name is Bree Olsen. “Natty and Charlie have their own special connection, I have my own connection with Charlie and then Natty and I also have our own relationship,” she says. The 24-year-old has been in 120 adult movies and has a very adult Twitter.

Sheen tells NBC, “Everybody’s vote has equal importance. But when we’re approaching crisis, I remind them, ‘Look, I’m 22 years further down the road … my plan is gonna be the best one in the room. So, just trust me on that and everybody will win. Everybody will win and everybody’s needs will be taken care of.”

What planet is he on?

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Charlie Sheen reportedly dating pot queen Natalie Kenly

Saturday, February 26th, 2011


According to a report from CBS Charlie Sheen is said to be dating  pot queen Natalie “Natty Baby” Kenly.

According to E!, they have been dating for around 3 months and are currently holidaying in the Bahamas.  Sheen and Kenly apparently have the company of Sheen’s other girlfriend Bree Olsen.

Seems 3 is not always a crowd.

Credit: Personal Photo

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