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Tatsuya Ichihashi wishes Lindsay Ann Hawker would ‘come back to life’

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Tatsuya Ichihashi, 32, who is awaiting trial for raping and then killing British teacher Lindsay Hawker, 22, claims in his book that he wished his victim “could come back to life.”

Hawker’s naked body was found buried in a bath tub on the balcony of his Tokyo apartment.

Ichihashi wrote the book Titled “Until I Was Arrested,” in the 14 months since he was apprehended.

He spent two years and seven months on the run and the book details his journey across Japan by train and ferry.  During that time Ichihashi repeatedly tried to change his appearance by using knives and scissors on his face.  The book also goes into his feelings of “contrition” for Hawker’s death.

Mr Ichihashi’s 240-page book reveals how barefoot he managed to evade the eight officers searching the property and after making his escape spent some weeks in Tokyo while the police were looking for  him.

During this journey, Mr Ichihashi said he wished that Hawker could “come back to life.”

Often living rough he was able to catch and cook over an open fire and even eating snakes.He tried to change his looks by removing two distinctive moles from his cheek with a box cutter and sliced off part of his lower lip with a pair of scissors to make it appear thinner and changing the shape of his nose by sewing it with a needle and thread.

He picked up labouring jobs on construction sites in Osaka and Kobe and earned close to Y1 million (£7,705) over a period of two years, which he spent on cosmetic surgery.

He was eventually caught in Nov 2009 while waiting trying to board a ferry for Okinawa.

There is no explanation of the killing of Hawker in the book or his motives, but it does include an apology.  He said the book was “a gesture of contrition for the crime I committed” and that royalties from the book would be given from Ms Hawker’s family.

In a statement issued through their legal representative in London, Bill and Linda Hawker say they have no intention of accepting the money and only want to see justice for their daughter.

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Second Death in Disney-Developed Community

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Just days after the Disney Development community of Celebration reported its first ever homicide Florida police are investigating another death according to authorities.

According to CBS affiliate WKMG, Craig Foushee, 52, barricaded himself in his home on Thursday afternoon for more than 14 hours before killing himself after Foushee allegedly shot at deputies several times although fortunately no deputies were injured.  The deputies did not return fire because they could not get a clear shot.

Foushee was inside home alone, and officials closed streets in the area for hours while negotiating with him.  Authorities evacuated nearby homes, and public schools in Celebration were put on lockdown.

Deputies set out tear gas ater more than 14 hours of negotiations  and used a robot to ensure that it was safe to enter the home.  When they gained access they found Foushee dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Twis Lizasuain said there was no connection between Foushee and Matteo P. Giovanditto, who was found dead by a local resident in his Celebration condominium Monday.

A Facebook profile with Foushee’s name and hometown of Celebration, Fla. showed him describing his daughters as “my treasures.” In April, he allegedly posted that he “went from being married to single.”

Walt Disney Promotions

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Jury Selection opens in trial of Chandra Levy suspect

Monday, October 18th, 2010

This morning jury selection began  in the long-awaited trial that is expected to last five or six weeks, of Ingmar Guandique, who is accused of killing former Modesto resident Chandra Levy.

The potential jurors started by fillingout unusually extensive questionnaires.  Two questionnaires, including one that spanned 11 pages, were designed to identify individuals suitable to decide whether Guandique will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The 9½ years that have passed after Levy’s disappearance shattered a family and wrecked a political career.  It was reported that Levy had been having a covert affair with then-Congressman Gary Condit of Ceres and according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Fernando Campoamor-Sanchez, Condit will be one of many individuals the jury will want to hear from.

Prosecutors say Guandique killed Levy 24, who had just completed a Bureau of Prisons internship on May 1, 2001.  Levy died in the midst of an attempted sexual assault in Washington’s Rock Creek Park.

Guandique, who is now 29, is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador currently serving time for two attempted robberies in Rock Creek Park. The victims in those robberies are expected to testify.

After considerable anticipation court proceedings opened about 9:40 a.m. Monday, with the first panel of potential jurors entering about 10:30 a.m.  Levy’s mother Susan was not present, though she has received permission from the judge to attend the entire trial even though she may be called as a witness.

The Chandra Levy Case

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Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters commits suicide after killing her daughter Corinne

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Corinne Peters and her mother were both found dead today with gunshot wounds in the head.  According to investigators it appears Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters committed suicide after fatally wounding her her 19-year-old daughter.

Corinne who had Peters had just graduated from high school this year was set to enter the University of Texas at Austin.

Although Corinne Peters father and the Mayor’s husband died in 2008 when he was 58 years old, neighbors were at a loss today as to how a tragedy like this could have happened in what seemed to be a fairly happy family situation.

Associated Press reports:

“Jayne Peters was a contract software developer who had served as mayor of Coppell, a city of about 40,000 located 15 miles northwest of Dallas, for a year. Her term was to expire in 2012. She had been a council member since 1998.”

This sad murder and suicide has shocked the entire community of Coppell. The death of Corinne has been ruled as homicide.

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