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Victoria’s Secret model Jessica White turns down plea bargain

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Jessica White the Victoria’s Secret and Sport Illustrated swimsuit model has turned down a plea deal in her assault charge.

White is accused of charged with harassment and repeatedly punching another woman in the face.

The incident took place in Manhattan last October over a cab outside the Avenue Lounge.

Her lawyer said she would fight the misdemeanor assault charge.

Credit: Getty

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Rocker John Mellencamp and wife Elaine split after 20 years together

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Rocker John Mellencamp and his model wife Elaine have announced that they will split after 20 years together.

Mellencamp 51, was previously known by the stage names Johnny Cougar or John Cougar is an rock singer-songwriter, musician, painter and acts on occasion.  He and Elaine met in 1991 when the model was hired to pose for the cover of Mellencamp’s “Whenever We Wanted” album.

After a whirlwind romance (10 weeks) the couple got engaged. The following September, they were wed and have been married for the last 18 years.  They have 2 sons together, Hud and Speck.

In a statement on Thursday, the couple said, via a spokesperson, “John and Elaine Mellencamp are proud of their 20 years together and are very happy with their accomplishments both as parents and as a family. They will continue to raise their two children in Indiana but have decided to call it a day as a couple.”

Mellencamp has five children in total.

They are Michelle from his first marriage to Priscilla Esterline (1970–81); daughters Teddi Jo and Justice from his second marriage to Victoria Granucci (1981–89); and 2 sons from his most recent marriage.

John Mellencamp Music

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Orlando and Miranda skip town!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr couldn’t stop smiling as they departed from Gatwick Airport yesterday.

Def one loved up couple!


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Kristen Kennis Sues Vampire Weekend over ‘Contra’ Album Cover

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Kristen Kennis who appears on the cover of the latest Vampire Weekend album Contra, filed a $2 lawsuit against the band on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Kennis is  claiming photographer Tod Brady gave them the image without her signing off on the decision.

Apparently Kennis had no idea that the photograph was going to be used.   The model snapped the image the band used back in 1983 and although a consent form  exists with Kennis’ signature on it, she swears it was forged.

She says she had no idea the band had intended to use the image until she saw herself on promotional posters last year.

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Is George Clooney’s girl wearing the pants?

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Elisabetta Canalis was spotted shoe shopping in Milan yesterday wearing a pair of very baggy pants.

Are they George’s and she just cant bear to be away from him?

That was the only explanation we could come up with as to why she would be seen out in anything so hideous!

Photos by OLYCOM

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Monica Bellucci’s Martini Photo Shoot

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Monica Bellucci looked amazing at a photo shoot in Rome earlier today.  She was there filming a commercial for Martini Gold that are based on the famous “American Girl in Italy” photos.

It’s hard to imagine that Monica gave birth to her daughter Leonie just a month ago!


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Georgia May Jagger Films for Rimmel

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

By Stage Mom

Mick Jagger‘s daughter Georgia May Jagger filmed a commercial for Rimmel London on the Thames River near Tower Bridge today.

If the cosmetics she’s promoting can give us lips like hers, we’ll order eight.

Photos by GF

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Kate Moss’ Engagement Ring!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

By Dishin’ the Dirt

Kate Moss arrived at London’s Dorchester Hotel earlier today wearing a big sparkly diamond ring on her left ring finger.

Is long-time boyfriend Jamie Hince making an honest woman out of her at last?


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    Adult video star Aoi Sola writes to China fans on blog

    Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

    Japanese adult video star Aoi Sola (苍井空) has been on the minds of Chinese netizens, lately more than ever, because her Twitter account was discovered by Chinese users a few days ago, causing a new wave of interestin Twitter which is blocked in China. Aoi’s “follows” soared by the thousands as she replied via Twitter and thanked her Chinese fans (see earlier Danwei story).

    On April 15, Aoi updated her Chinese blog with a piece for her Chinese fans, translated by a “friend from the Internet:”

    To all Aoi fans in China
    Hello everyone, I am Aoi Sola. If you don’t mind, you can call me “Xiao Kong” (小空: Sola, そら is written as Kong in Chinese).

    First of all I need to thank the fans who have tweeted about me on Twitter, as well as those who visited my blog. Thank you for all your support.

    Usually I update my personal blog in Chinese by using a translation tool (often Chinese netizens tell me that the Chinese reads weirdly). So this time I asked a netizen to help me translate this into Chinese, in order to express my thanks to all my Chinese fans in a clearer way.

    The “Twitter incident” has caused reverberations in China and Japan. Speaking truthfully, this was a little unexpected, even for me.

    Speaking “without modesty,” I know that there are some Aoi fans in Asia. But when I directly faced the figures on Twitter, I could hardly hide my surprise. Thanks everybody for tweeting about me.

    Recently, I’ve been learning English on and off, sometimes I would use English when I’m tweeting. But learning a foreign language is so hard. It seems that going to an English Language School might be better for me, what can I do - English is the international language after all.

    I also tried to learn some basic Chinese (for example, “What would you like to drink 想喝点什么,” “I know some basic Mandarin 我会说一些简单的普通话,” “Are you Chinese? 你是中国人吗?”). Because I listened to a CD, I can only talk, not read or write. If I have the opportunity to lean Chinese properly I will, because “Xiao Kong” has so many Aoi fans in China.

    We can communicate in this way over the mountains and seas - times really have changed. I’m feeling old (laughs). Though I can’t reply to everyone who has tweeted about me, I will continue to pay attention to the people who are posting about it.

    I hope that everyone will continue to follow my normal life through Twitter and my blog. I am a little worried about how I am perceived in the eyes of my Chinese fans. I want to announce first that after you have read these portals, your idea of “Xiao Kong” may be damaged, so you need to prepare yourself mentally. (Laughs)

    As for “Xiao Kong,” rumors about her don’t end, at any point endless sadness and pain can suddenly arrive. Even if I went to the other side of the sea, this would not change. But, every time I think about Aoi fans abroad and their support, I am comforted. “Comfort,” maybe happiness is the right word. Really, thank you everyone.

    It’s been 9 years since I first stepped out, I feel very lucky to have persisted for so long, and to have so many fans. I feel my hard work hasn’t been wasted. Thank you for your support over the years. At the same time, I hope everyone will support me like they always have, and care about me, whether it’s AV actress Aoi Sola, or that ordinary person who exists in real life - “Xiao Kong.”

    When will I be able to meet my Chinese fans? To hold a fan club meeting in China? It sounds like a good idea, and worthy of my anticipation! When the time comes, remember to come and show your support!

    Thank you. (I wrote this myself, in Japanese)

    *Aoi Sola*

    the minds of Chinese netizens, lately more than ever, because her Twitter account was discovered by Chinese users a few days ago, causing a new wave of interestin Twitter which is blocked in China. Aoi’s “follows” soared by the thousands as she replied via Twitter and thanked her Chinese fans (see earlier Danwei story).On April 15, Aoi updated her Chinese blog with a piece for her Chinese fans, translated by a “friend from the Internet:”

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    Columbian model Angie Sanclemente involved in a drug trafficking ring

    Saturday, March 27th, 2010

    Columbian model Angie Sanclemente is believed to be involved in a drug trafficking ring and has been on the run for two weeks since an Interpol issued an arrest warrant for her. Sanclemente is now on the “most wanted” list.

    A group of people close to Sanclemente have already been arrested; two women and four men. Sanclemente is thought to have organized a group of models to carry cocaine across borders. And some of the sources have told police that Sanclemente and her boyfriend were the ringleaders of the group.

    Sanclemente, 30, is a former beauty queen. And she has been running from authorities for about two weeks, but has taken the time to keep her Facebook page updated since then.

    Sanclemente posted a message to CNN this week which said: “I’m very sad and hurt by the bad information. I don’t know how the press can destroy an innocent person.”

    Then: “I don’t want to go to jail I don’t deserve it. I am innocent.” She went on to explain that she had hired an attorney. The attorney had been hired by her mother, and he had not spoken with Sanclemente yet.

    See the video below for more information. CNN will air a full story Friday night about Angie Sanclemente.

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