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Accusations emerge that George Clooney’s Girlfriend was a Hooker and Used Cocaine

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

George Clooney’s girlfriend of over a year, Elizabeth Canalis has found herself smack in the middle of some nasty allegations.

Ms. Canalis allegedly has been using cocaine inside posh Italian nightclubs while working as a “paid guest”.  Meaning George’s girlfriend was paid by clubs to wine, dine and do whatever the VIP guests who frequented these same clubs desired.  Although Ms. Canalis has never been arrested, two of the clubs where she worked have since shut down amid allegations of drugs and high-priced prostitution.

It has been rumored that Clooney and Canalis would marry although it has never been officially announced.  However, although all this happened before she began dating Clooney, it would appear that this would be likely to affect any long term plans that they may have had should the allegations against Ms. Canalis prove to be true.

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    Christina Applegate is engaged and expecting

    Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

    According to her rep, Christina Applegate and her musician fiance are expecting their first child.

    Christina has not had an easy time over the last few years.  She divorced actor Jonathan Schaech in 2007 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and subsequently underwent a double mastectomy, an operation that would have floored most women.

    Life is sweeter these days for the pretty actress and in April of this year she was engaged to Martyn Lenoble, whom she credits with helping her recover.

    Congratulations Christina, you have been a role model for many women who have had the same battle.

    In this photograph Christina accepts the “Do Something Kick Ass for Survival” award at the 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards in Los Angeles (Chris Pizzello – AP).

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    A Young Teenager dies because of love triangle

    Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

    Sarah Ludemann lost her life when she was stabbed twice by 20 year old Rachel Wade.  The young women were both seeing Joshua Camacho, 21,who was dating several women simultaneously with little regard for any of them.

    By the time he was 19, Camacho had a son from Erin Slothower and was sleeping with the two teens, Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann, both of whom, at one point, were reported to have been in love with him . Camacho, though, said neither Wade nor Ludemann was his girlfriends; rather, they were “friends with benefits.”  He also said that Slothower was simply “baby mama.”

    All the young women knew about each other and over a several month period in 2008 and a few weeks in 2009, Wade and Ludemann posted various text messages and voicemails on MySpace relating to Camacho which escalated to an ugly physical confrontation on the street the evening of Tuesday, April 14, 2009 into the wee hours of April 15, 2009.

    When Wade stabbed Ludemann she was unarmed.  Wade claimed that Ludemann had repeatedly verbally threatened her that day and that she attacked Ludemann in self defense.  Ludemann died a few minutes later at the scene. and now 20-year-old Rachel Wade is facing charges of second degree murder.

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    Roberto Cabrera tries to smuggle endangered Titi Monkeys

    Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

    Roberto Cabrera was stopped and searched at Mexico City’s International Airport when security noticed the sizable bulge under his T-Shirt.  Officials said that he appeared to become very nervous after being questioned about the bulge in his shirt.

    After inspected, it was found that he was hiding eighteen endangered titi monkeys and Cabrera was detained.

    Now if you see these lovely creatures you are going to be able to understand why someone would want them, but greed had obviously go the better of this idiot and he had stuffed the poor animals in pouches that were attached to a girdle that he was wearing.  As a result, two of the monkeys had already died, and the others were not in the best of condition.

    Cabrera who had purchased the monkeys for a measly $30 claimed that he wanted them as pets.  However police were not buying his story and Cabrera was arrested and was charged with trafficking an endangered species.

    It is a little astounding in this day and age that Cabrera had arrived in Mexico City from Lima, Peru, and was apparently able to sneak the small monkeys onto the plane.

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    Missing 23 year old Jenna Lord’s Body Found in Camden.

    Monday, July 19th, 2010

    The body of  the missing 23-year-old Jenna Lord has been found in a vacant lot in Camden, New Jersey according to information via

    Lord went missing on July 5th,  whilst heading home after a July 4th barbecue celebration.   She was allegedly last heard on a phone call she made while she was on a train station.

    After they decided police were not being too helpful in finding Jenna around 50 family members gathered to look for her.   As a result of the search, her uncle reportedly found what he said was her body in a vacant lot.

    “As soon as I moved the bushes, there was no mistaking,” said Kevin Fetrow, a construction worker from Southwest Philadelphia. “It wasn’t nice.”

    He called over another searcher, who had a picture of Jenna taken July 4 on his cell phone.

    “She had on the same outfit, the bracelets, the shoes,” Fetrow said. “I just freaked out. I screamed.”

    There are two men on the surveillance tape of that day who can be seen near Jenna and the family believes these two men may be the ones responsible for her death. The same tape shows Lord getting off the train to take what appear to be clothes from another woman to then head back to Camden on train.

    A spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office said Sunday he could not confirm that the body was that of the missing 23-year-old woman. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday morning to determine the cause of death and identity, said spokesman Jason Laughlin.

    For Lord’s family however, the two-week mystery has come to a decisive close.  Caruso said a tattoo on Lord’s arm that read “Rest in Peace” was confirmation enough.

    “It’s Jenna. There’s no doubt,” said Frenchie Caruso, Lord’s aunt. “Our family said we were going to find her, and we went, and we found her.”

    Frenchie Caruso said Collingdale police were slow to investigate her niece’s disappearance seriously because Lord had been in trouble with the law.

    Lord who spent three weeks in Delaware County prison in June was facing a preliminary hearing July 6 on charges of aggravated assault and robbery.

    “That shouldn’t matter,” Caruso said. “Everybody deserves a future. . . . It doesn’t matter who they are. Everybody counts.

    And yes we agree with that but something really doesn’t gel here!

    What do you think?

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    Porn Actors Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews indicted for murder of Florida tattoo artist

    Friday, July 16th, 2010

    Amanda Logue, a lingerie shop owner who also dabbled in prostitution, and her partner Jason Andrews a DJ who worked in Chicago.  The couple spent April and May in Florida starring in porn videos and hanging  out at the beach, according to their Twitter accounts.

    The pair were accused of the May 15 murder of a Florida tattoo artist .

    Dennis (Scooter) Abrahamsen was found dead on a massage table in a room with blood-splattered walls at his Tampa-area home after being stabbed and pummeled with a sledgehammer.

    Logue spent the night before the murder at a party at Abrahamsen’s house, where she was allegedly hired to have sex on camera, while Andrews waited outside the house in his car.

    The porn pair also stole $6,000 from Abrahamsen police said.

    Andrews and Logue were arrested on May 18 as they tried to use Abrahamsen’s credit card, but police didn’t have enough evidence to connect them to the murder.  Scared, the couple went their separate ways until their arrests in different states this week.

    A grand jury later indicted the couple on first-degree murder charges after police found poorly spelled, profanity-laced text messages the couple exchanged before the killing as proof.

    In one text, Logue said she wanted to have sex with Andrews after they killed him, police said.

    “Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and. Where to go.” Andrews wrote in one text.

    Logue replied, “I’m horny,” and Andrews told her to take her time.

    Andrews set the following text shortly before the murder, police said.

    “I’m so glad you’re really commited to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!”

    Nearly a day later, Abrahamsen was found dead.

    Logue is being held without bail at a Florida county jail and according to an affidavit, she denied being involved in the killing.  She told police Andrews did it and made her “view Abrahamsen’s crushed skull and told her that’s what would happen to her if she told anyone.”

    Andrews was arrested in Chattanooga, Tenn., and will stay there until he can be extradited.

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    Jesse Thornhill: The Horned Man was Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Run Over Landlord

    Thursday, July 15th, 2010

    OK you would think that anyone who looked like this would think about it carefully before they committed a crime, or at least wear something over his face.  But not Jesse Thornhill, whose horns and distinctive tattoos would make the 28-year-old stand out in any lineup.

    Police say he tried to run down his female landlord Tuesday evening with his 1996 Ford Windstar minivan after an altercation.

    Thornhill who was arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon has since been bonded out of jail.  According to the arrest sheet, Thornhill’s mother called the police and stated the she and her neighbor, who is also her son’s landlord, had been having problems with Thornhill.

    Police responded to the call and when they arrived at the residence, they spoke to the landlord, who claimed that Thornhill tried to strike her with his minivan but she managed to jump out of the way.

    Police were given an unmistakable description (imagine that!) of the tattooed, branded, pierced, and horned man located him, and took him to jail.

    You gotta ask yourself, would you rent one of your properties to this guy?

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    Does New Diet Pill Lorcaserin Really Work? And More Importantly: Is it Safe?

    Thursday, July 15th, 2010

    The fat pill is probably as desirable as the fountain of youth, but far no one has been able to offer us any real solutions for either.  Now comes lorcaserin, an experimental diet pill, which is showing promise in clinical trials. The weight loss is not huge, but, for now, the downside doesn’t seem huge either and the remarkable thing is that experts anticipate Lorcaserin will eventually be approved by the FDA.

    A drug company-funded study of 3,100 obese or overweight people found that half of those taking lorcaserin for a year lost five percent or more of their body weight. Those taking dummy pills faired only half as well.

    Most of the people who kept taking the little blue pill kept the weight off which has to be good news for dieters and even better news for Arena Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes the drug.

    As far as safety is concerned a study to be published in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine has found that except for headaches and dizziness, side effects were essentially no worse than the placebo.  There was no higher rate of heart valve problems, blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

    That’s a big deal. In 1997, the government pulled the popular “fen-phen” pill from the market after it was tied to heart valve problems and although Lorcaserin works in a similar manner to “fen-phen” it appears to do so in a safer manner.

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    Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters commits suicide after killing her daughter Corinne

    Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

    Corinne Peters and her mother were both found dead today with gunshot wounds in the head.  According to investigators it appears Coppell Mayor Jayne Peters committed suicide after fatally wounding her her 19-year-old daughter.

    Corinne who had Peters had just graduated from high school this year was set to enter the University of Texas at Austin.

    Although Corinne Peters father and the Mayor’s husband died in 2008 when he was 58 years old, neighbors were at a loss today as to how a tragedy like this could have happened in what seemed to be a fairly happy family situation.

    Associated Press reports:

    “Jayne Peters was a contract software developer who had served as mayor of Coppell, a city of about 40,000 located 15 miles northwest of Dallas, for a year. Her term was to expire in 2012. She had been a council member since 1998.”

    This sad murder and suicide has shocked the entire community of Coppell. The death of Corinne has been ruled as homicide.

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    64 killed in Uganda bomb blast

    Monday, July 12th, 2010

    At least 64 people were killed on Sunday when bombs were exploded in a synchronized attack on large gatherings of World Cup soccer fans watching the televised final on outdoor screens” in Kampala, Uganda.

    The Shabab, a militant Islamic group in nearby Somalia might have been behind the bombings according to Officials.

    Reuters reported that Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa, a Shabab commander in Somalia said, “Uganda is a major infidel country supporting the so-called government of Somalia.” He added, “We know Uganda is against Islam and so we are very happy at what has happened in Kampala. That is the best news we ever heard.”

    Uganda’s Daily Monitor newspaper published this first-person account from a survivor of the blasts at the rugby club:

    “We have three minutes left to the end of…,” before the commentator could finish his words, two blasts in quick succession engulfed Kyadondo Rugby Club, which had sat close to 3,000 people watching the World Cup finals.

    After the first blast, which occurred slightly on the sidelines of the crowded area, many people ducked under their chairs, some lying down and using the chairs as shelter. Barely a minute later, I heard the second blast, right in the middle of the crowd. It was more ear-piercing and louder.

    My neighbour, a young man probably in his early thirties, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, who had been sipping a Guinness beer, had tried to dash to the middle of the pitch after the first blast. The last I saw of him was his body being raised by the second blast before he fell down, still. He was dead.

    What had been a football party turned into a sea of chaos. A blanket of smoke hung over the field, with wails and groans being the signature sound.

    On my knees, I began crawling towards what I thought was an exit. I saw corpses, many still seated in their chairs—like they were still watching the game. My hands felt human flesh lying on the ground, some of it sticking on my palms as I waded through the mass of humanity. Some of the human flesh kept falling from above, like drops of rainfall, falling on my back.

    The shouts of “bomb! bomb!” continued to ring in the air. I lay down for a while and when I saw policemen begin to wave to people to leave, I dashed out, relieved that I was alive but shocked that anyone would bring such a great party to such a bloody and agonizing end.

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