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Gender bender causing a stir on the womenswear catwalk at London Fashion Week

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011


Meet Andrej Pejic who stunned the crowd at Couture Week in Paris last month.  It seems that the fickle fashion industry has become enamoured with a whole new catwalking trend – the male model. sporting a wedding dress for Jean Paul Gaultier and looking every inch the blushing bride – despite being all man.

After that Andrej has made his way across the Channel where Andrej’s delicate features was the envy of most women.

Andrej has also worked with Vivienne Westwood.

Born in Serbia and brought up in Australia, the 19 year old model is being hailed the next big thing among industry insiders.

Since being discovered whilst working at McDonalds when a booker came in to order a cheeseburger his career – modelling both men and womenswear – has gone from strength to strength and says that he is more suited to sporting a dress than a suit.

He also claims that he has always been comfortable playing both roles and even finds it sometimes difficult to get in touch with his masculine side.

He told the Telegraph: I’m comfortable doing both.

Although womenswear is more glamorous.  The clothes are more exciting. In menswear I have to work more at having a masculine presence’

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