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Jeffrey Landrigan’s Last Words before Execution: Boomer Sooner

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Death row inmate Jeffrey Landrigan, 50, who was convicted of the murder of Chester Dean Dyer in 1989, was executed by legal injection at 6.26 am this morning.

Landrigan had been granted a stay of execution over concerns about the legality of the substances used to kill him.  An unnamed British company supplied one of the chemicals used in lethal injections, it has been revealed as the drug has not been available in the US and the shortage began slowing executions in the spring.   His lawyers argued that the drug – sodium thiopental – might not meet U.S. standards and his planned execution violated his constitutional rights to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

But it was cleared to proceed after Supreme Court justices voted 5-4 in favour of overturning the federal judge’s order postponing the execution.

A prison official said Landrigan’s last words were, “Boomer Sooner.”

Landrigan, though executed in Arizona, hailed from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and was a fan of the Sooners.  It would appear until the end.

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Teresa Lewis Executed By Lethal Injection

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Teresa Lewis became the first woman in Virginia to be executed by lethal injection in the past 100 years and the 12th woman in USA.

Lewis was sentenced to death, for conspiring the deaths of her husband and stepson.  The execution took place on Thursday night, September 23, 2010.

According to the sources, she was taken to the death chamber at 08:55pm and was pronounced dead at 09:13pm.

Before she was injected with the lethal injection, Lewis had asked about her daughter, Kathy Clifton and said, “I just want Kathy to know that I love you, and I’m very sorry.”

Lewis and her lover planned the killings of her husband and step-son to benefit from her husband’s insurance policy.  The two men who committed the murder of her husband and step-son as per her plan, have been sentenced with life imprisonment.

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