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American Idol Steven Tyler Apology: Big Joke!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Last night’s American Idol began with an apology flashing across the screen.  The subject? Steven Tyler’s behavior on last week’s show.

Apparently at least some of us were outraged because it said “American Idol would like to apologize for Steven Tyler’s outrageous behavior…Mr. Tyler has been warned…it will not happen again…”   I think not.

A contestant then comes in to the audition room, standing in front of the judges, and announcing his last name as “Muck.”

Steven Tyler said, “Do you know what that rhymes with?” The guy said, “Duck?”, and then Steven Tyler said, “Read my lips….”

Was this supposed to be funny?

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Hollywood Rises to defend Ricky Gervais!

Friday, January 21st, 2011

It would appear at least some people got Ricky Gervais‘ sense of humor!  Which is hardly a surprise given his success in the US.

There may have been a lot of controversy surrounding his performance as host at last Sunday’s Golden Globes some of the actors who attended and others who watched the show have taken to Twitter and other outlets to defend him.

Here are just some of the comments:

Christian Bale:

“Thank God for comedians. I’m hoping he’s going to keep going further.”

Larry King:

“The folks who put him on the Globes have no right to complain about Ricky Gervais. He does what he does. Why should it surprise them? You agree?”

Andrew Garfield:

“He’s been terribly nasty and horribly rude and I think he’s genius.”

Elizabeth Banks:

“I thought RG was hilarious. Actors can take it. We have thick skins.”

Jon Stewart:

“[I’m] offended that a comedian could be that funny at an awards show.”

Lost writer Damon Lindelof:

“In case you forgot what made David Brent so brilliant, it’s that he made us feel unsafe, uncomfortable and unable to look away. BRAVORICKY.”

Jim Parsons:

“He started with a bang and went right for the jugular. It was great! I thought he was really funny. It’s like he walked up to the edge, and then he jumped right on over and didn’t look back. I was scandalized, I tell you. I think he’s hilarious and funny and whenever you’re funny, you’re gonna push some people’s buttons. I thought he was hilarious, but I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end, I can tell you that. I was laughing while thinking, ‘Oh, God. Not me, never me.'”

Al Pacino:

“He’s a comic, so he’s going to go for it. He’s letting it go. You don’t know what [he’s] going to say!”

Heather Morris:

“I thought he was hysterical. He was so dry. He’s funny as hell.”

Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh:

“He was hilarious. I thought he was just perfect. If he knocked me, it’s all in good fun. If we take ourselves too seriously, then what are we doing here? He makes us realize that we are all here for reasons that go between skill and luck. Let’s enjoy it.”

I think you get the drift.

Don’t you think they should apologize?

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Sexy Iliza Shlesinger is Hilarious and Smokin’ Hot

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Iliza Shlesinger is the youngest winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  She won in 2008 and is easily the hottest female on the comedienne circuit ever.

Her other claim to fame is that she is also the only female to win NBC’s worst reality show.

She is 27, and was born in Dallas and went to college at Emerson.

“I know that it registers with other people that I’m a female, but it has never registered with me in all the comedy I’ve done over the years,” says Shlesinger.  “That’s never been an issue.  I’ve never blamed it, I’d never use it as a crutch.”

Shlesinger goes on: “I think to a lot of people it means a lot of different things.  But for me, I’m just Iliza and I won. I’m a comedian that won.  The female thing I can’t comment on because I just don’t feel that in my heart.”

Check out the video of Iliza Shlesinger’s act and let us know if you agree!

Find out more about Iliza Shlesinger

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Lady Gaga eat your heart out!! This is a gotta see.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

The boys perform Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.  Don’t you just love these guys!!

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Red Hot Laugh Riot: Kick-Ass Short Story And Updates

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Ever experienced such a feel? Perhaps, Kick-Ass’ boasts to bring the best on Red Hot Laugh Riot. This movie is comedy drama which bring you a lot of fun and entertainment. In this movie you got to see Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, t raining or meaningful reason to do so. Don’t miss to Watch Kick-Ass Movie which bring Red Hot Laugh Riot

I walked into the superhero satire “Kick-Ass” fully intending to get a couple of good laughs. Never did I anticipate that I would fall madly in love with the picture.

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