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Tara Shermerhorn & Ex-Boyfriend Thomas Watson Believed Found Dead in Arizona

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Police in Goodyear, Arizona say the bodies of a man and a woman have been found in a truck in rural Yavapai County.

The bodies are believed to be the remains of missing Goodyear woman Tara Shermerhorn, 31, and her former boyfriend, 47-year-old Thomas Watson.  Shermerhorn was last seen at her work Wednesday night at about 9:00 p.m.  She is believed to have driven home since her vehicle was at her house.

According to a statement made by the sheriff’s office, the bodies were located a half-mile from Crown King, about 60 miles north of Phoenix.  Authorities have not yet revealed how they died.

Commander Ralph McLaughlin of the Goodyear Police department said the search began on Wednesday evening after police were notified by Shermerhorn’s family that she was missing.

It’s not clear why the couple were together as they had broken up . Watson had left behind a note that indicated he was despondent and left instructions on disposing of his property, police said.

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    Boney M singer Bobby Farrell dies in hotel whilst on tour.

    Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

    Bobby Farrell of the 1970’s chart topping Boney M was found dead in his hotel bed Thursday while on tour in Russia, his agent said. The singer was 61.

    Farrell who has suffered health problems on and off for the last 10 years was complained of breathing problems before and after his show in St. Petersburg Wednesday night, said the agent, John Seine.

    The group had 38 top 10 hits, including 15 number ones in Germany. They included “Brown Girl in the Ring” and “Mary’s Boychild.” Their version of “By the Rivers of Babylon” sold nearly 2 million records in Britain alone, keeping it No. 1 for five weeks in 1978.

    The band were the first Western music group invited by a Soviet leader.  Leonid Brezhnev asked them to perform in the Soviet Union and the singers were flown in by Soviet military plane from London to Moscow, where they sang for an audience of 2,700 Russians in Red Square.

    According to his official biography Alphonso “Bobby” Farrell was born on the Caribbean island of Aruba and left at the tender age of 15 to work as a sailor.  He traveled around Norway and Germany to pursue a career as a DJ.

    He was chosen in 1974 to front Boney M, put together by German singer and songwriter Frank Farian, who did much of the recorded singing while Farrell was more a dancer and showman and the band, who were at the time based in Germany, broke into the charts with “Daddy Cool” and “Sunny” in 1976.

    The original group broke up in 1986 and Farrell continued on his own or with various female back-up singers and in recent years he toured under the name Bobby Farrell’s Boney M.

    His agent said that as yet the cause of death was not known. He said he was found by hotel staff after he failed to respond to a wake-up call.

    Greatest Hits by Boney M

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    Daughter Alia Rose finds R&B Singer Teena Marie Dead

    Monday, December 27th, 2010

    Teena Marie who made history as Motown’s first white act was found dead by her daughter Alia Rose.  The R&B star was 54 and died in her sleep according to preliminary reports.

    Confirmation of her death came Sunday from her publicist.

    Alia Rose who was born on Christmas day had just celebrated 19th birthday.  On Twitter, her most recent tweet was “I’m going to cross the line,” so I guess it really was a holiday. And her mom chirped a sweet reply, “19 years ago, I was in labor! My Heavenly Father has given me the most glorious gift I could ever get. Girl on Christmas Day!“

    She was singed by Motown in 1979 and worked with Rick James.

    The singer left a lasting legacy with her hits like “Lovergirl” and “Square Biz,” and “Fire and Desire” with mentor Rick James.  The pair had a long and turbulent relationship.

    Marie started touring  in recent years after overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs and Alia Rose, followed her footsteps using the stage name Rose Le Beau.

    So sad for her daughter to be the person to find her.

    We extend our deepest sympathies to the young girl and other family members and friends.

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    Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright found dead – police say it appears to be from a self inflicted gun shot wound.

    Thursday, July 29th, 2010
    Lorenzen Wright, a former NBA player has been found dead on Wednesday in a wooded area off  Winchester rd and Hacks Cross about 15 miles outside of Memphis.
    His body was found almost a week after his mother reported him missing.  According to Police there was some confusion when his father reported he was in Europe on vacation after his mother had reported that he was missing.

    Eyewitnesses say that Wright, 34, appears to have died from a self inflicted gun shot wound.  The 911 call reporting a body found, has been passed over to the Memphis police, who are investigating his death.  The incident was originally called in to Germantown police.

    Wright was apparently having financial problems and reportedly his house had been foreclosed on.

    Wright was the 7th overall draft in 1996 and played for several teams during his 13 years in the NBA, including the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings and later for the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2008-2009 season.

    Connecticut News Channel 8 reported that foul play was considered at the time Wright had gone missing, but police report that they do not believe foul play was involved after examining the scene.

    NBA Photograph

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