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Holly Madison on ‘When I Was 17′ Recalls Dumping Her Boyfriend At Prom.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Holly Madison spoke about her teenage years on “When I Was 17” and revealed that when she was a teenager growing up in Astoria, Oregon, the Playboy Playmate wasn’t all that popular.

“Other people would describe me when I was 17 as, like, a freak or aloof,” Madison says on this week’s episode.  “I was always, like, white makeup, black lipstick. Like, I wasn’t particularly hot in high school, but I guess nobody was where I was from.”

Although she admits slacking off for the first three years of high school and skipping school, she realized at 17 that if she ever wanted to get out of her small town, she needed to go to college and got it together and passed with straight A’s.

“I just couldn’t wait to get on with my life,” she added. “Move into a big city and just make things happen. I was kind of bored.”

Of her senior year she said:

“My senior year was definitely memorable. I had a lot of fun getting ready for prom and my mom made my outfits for me so I got to design them.  I went with my boyfriend, who was a couple years older than me. By the time we got to prom, all my friends kind of split up [from dinner], and sadly my most memorable moment of my prom was finding out my boyfriend had cheated on me with this potato-headed girl.  I was so angry. I drove him home, dropped him off, broke up with him,” she continued. “And that was that.”

Driven him home!  I don’t think so, would you?

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