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Charlie Sheen’s Blackmail Nightmare.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

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Porn Star Capri Anderson has accused Charlie Sheen of death threats during a drug-and-booze-fueled night at the Plaza Hotel, but Sheen says that it’s untrue.

The actor has responded by filing a suit against Anderson and is suing his paid escort for falsifying allegations against Sheen and trying to extort $1 million out of him.

Sheen’s suit explained, “This case involves a shakedown and extortion of the internationally known actor and celebrity Charlie Sheen … by an opportunist pornographic film star and publicity-hungry scam artist.”

Capri’s attorney responded by telling press, “At the beginning of the night he was acting as a gentleman, but not at the end when he was threatening to kill her,” adding that the extortion attempt “never happened.”

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Porn star Capri Anderson cashing in on Charlie Sheen escapade.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Within hours of being outed as Charlie Sheen‘s  mystery woman hiding naked in the ravaged Plaza Hotel suite, Capri Anderson who has also used the names Christina Walsh and Alexis Capri, a 22-year-old hard-core porn star has been quick to cash in on her infamy.

Anderson was reportedly locked inside a bathroom while Sheen trashed the room and has already hired herself a high-profile lawyer and will press charges against Sheen for allegedly holding her in his suite against her will, and of course that’s why she was naked!

Photos featuring the porn star, in various states of undress were quickly posted to her website, for media usage.

“When Capri told us the news the day after this happened, we were first and foremost concerned about her safety and well being,” said Mark, the VP of the porn company which operates her website, Medium Pimpin, in a statement posted to the website.  “Capri and the rest of the team here at Medium Pimpin feel that this is now a great opportunity where she was actually in the right place at the right time,” Mark said.

“With all the mainstream press and searches Capri is going to be getting in the upcoming days,” said Medium Pimpin President, Kevin, it would be wrong for Anderson and anyone else not to take advantage of the situation.

“It would just be money left on the table otherwise,” he said.

Anderson would not be the first woman — or porn star — to use being at the center of a celebrity scandal to gain 15 minutes of fame.

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