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Star Of Teen Mom 2 Reality Show Busted For Pot Possession!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Star of the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans, was arrested for breaking and entering and drugs possession.

Evans has a 16-month-old baby boy Jace, who is said to be in the temporary custody of Evans mother.

The 19-year-old was arrested with boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, 20, after allegedly breaking into a vacant property.

Evans was found with one-half ounce of marijuana and a pipe and was released on a $2,000 bond and is expected to go to court Monday January 10th.

Teen Mom Season 1 & 2

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Following Felony Charges ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood in Jail

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood surrendered to Indiana police just hours after it was announced there was a warrant out for her arrest.  The charges include domestic abuse. reports that the reality TV star allegedly attacked Gary Shirley, the father of her little girl Leah, three times in 2009 and 2010.  One altercation was caught on tape as MTV filmed ‘Teen Mom.’

Portwood is charged with two felony counts of domestic battery and one felony count of neglect of a dependent.  There are also some misdemeanor charges of domestic battery.

“Amber is scared. Gary is here with us. He’s upset, too. It’s just been awful because we were supposed to have Christmas all together with my mom today and [the cops] picked her up an hour before,” Portwood’s brother, Shawn, told E!

She’s been placed on a 24-hour hold and her bail has been set at $5,000 and faces up to three years in jail and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

In a September interview with PEOPLE, the reality star admitted that she regretted her actions. “I don’t want her [daughter, Leah] to see that and think that it’s okay,” Portwood explained at the time. “We just kind of made that decision because of Leah. We see it affecting her,” she added about the couple’s decision to make sure their fights never become physical.

Teen Mom Series 1

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Want to Know Who Won Survivor Nicaragua 2010?

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua/Survivor: Redemption Island, you know; that program we all love to hate.

Well the winner was Fabio, aka Jud Birza, the youngest contestant on Redemption Island.

He won by a final 5-4 vote on Redemption Island.

Birza recalled his excitement at the live finale.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “I think I stood on a stool, then kissed people, but everybody was really happy, and it made me feel really good.”

After picking up his $1 million prize money he said that he was excited to enjoy his newfound fame.

“Once you’re famous, people want to talk to you.” I want to get in the mix, dude,” Birza said. “I want to be like, ‘Oh, dude, I’m famous now! Let’s party!’”

Was Birza your fave to win?  Let us know or tell us who you think should have won!

Survivor Nicaragua

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Celebrity Rehab 4; Jason Davis attacks Janice Dickinson and Shelly

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

It wasn’t a good start for any of the new cast on the season premiere of Celebrity Rehab 4 but Janice Dickinson proved to have a more difficult induction thanks to Jason Davis’ continual beration.

Janice Dicksinson has freely admitted to her alcoholism, and entering Celebrity Rehab 4.   She is also trying to kick her dependence on prescription drugs and started trying before she entered the Pasadena Recovery Center.

She blames her problems on the physical and emotional abuse she suffered growing up and has had a lot of problems with these issues.  It must be difficult therefore to be attacked by Jason Davis.  Although Davis might not be as immediately recognizable his grandfather was a billionaire who once owned 20th Century Fox.  He is often called Gummi Bear, and brother Brandon is referred to as “Greasy Bear.”  He’s on Celebrity Rehab 4 to kick heroin after he recently lost a lot of weight.  He also seems to have a problem with hurting himself and a nasty cavalier attitude.

On meeting Janice for the first time, Jason walked by her and said, “I smell facelifts.”  No doubt he has some huge insecurity issues as he also attacked Shelly for her age and looks and seems obsessed about what the gossip pages say about him.  When they had family visit day a few days later, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t have family visiting him.

The rest of the Celebrity Rehab 4 include former teen idol Leif Garrett who is addressing his addiction woes once and for all.  He looks terrible, not like the cute young guy whose posters once adorned young girls’ walls.  Also looking very strung out is Frankie Lons, Keyshia Cole’s mom.  Eric Roberts, Julia’s brother, and Emma’s dad, is also on.  Eric talked about his daily pot habit, and Dr. Drew asked if he’d like some help with that.  Eric replied that’s why he’s there.

Actor Jeremy London is there talking about his abduction when he was forced to do drugs while Jason Wahler of Laguna Beach is there addressing his own addiction issues.

Rachel Uchitel, one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, is there for her addictions, which Dr. Drew has decided includes an addiction to love.

What next we ask?

Celebrity Rehab

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NeNe Leakes Divorce: She’s At “The Breaking Point” and Taking Baby Steps

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

NeNe Leakes visited an attorney and filed for divorce on last night’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” show after husband Gregg has been accused multiple times of cheating on her.

Although up to present NeNe has stuck it today she posted a blog on Bravo’s website called “The Breaking Point.”  She says the blowout she had with Gregg was so much more than what the viewers saw.

“All I can say is, I’m tired!” she writes. “Only I know what I’ve been through! My happiness and independence means everything to me, and I want to follow my heart, but I’m scared! I’m taking baby steps, but I hope I’ve been brave enough for all the women that couldn’t! I hope I was able to show my children what a strong woman looks like and stands for! I will only accept loyalty and trust! My happiness is everything to me!”

Divorce is ugly and painful whatever the reason for the breakdown of a marriage and  NeNe is going through the same as any other woman in her position.

Whether you live in a multi-million dollar house and wear Gucci or a rented apartment and wear Jaclyn Smith, divorce hurts exactly the same.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller Join Forces in Reality

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller, ex wife of Charlie Sheen, started filming on a yet-to-be-title reality TV show yesterday.

You wonder what the heiress can do that would actually surprise us!

Photos by MATEI

The Best of Paris Hilton

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Utah police investigate polygamous family for bigamy

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
The Browns, from left, Janelle, Christine, Kody, Meri, and Robyn from the TLC series, “Sister Wives,” are shown. Police in Utah say they’ve launched a bigamy investigation into a polygamous family starring in the reality television show. (AP Photo/TLC, Bryant Livingston)

An investigation has been launched into a polygamous family starring in a reality television show, Utah police said Tuesday.

Lehi police Lt. Darren Paul started the investigation after the reality television show “Sister Wives.”   The show features a 41-year-old advertising salesman Kody Brown and his four wives.  Between them they have 13 children and three stepchildren.

Although Brown is only legally married to Meri Paul he calls the other three other women his spouses.  The are Janelle, Christine and Robyn who has 3 children from a previous relationship.

The show premiered on Sunday and has caused quite a stir and Christine Brown declined to comment Tuesday except to say that they were disappointed.  The family issued the following statement through TLC.

“…When we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks,” the family said. “But for the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking.”

You have to wonder why?

How could they possibly be so naive to think that this TV show would help broaden the public’s understanding of plural families which is what they say they were hoping for.  This may be common in parts of Utah where polygamy is a legacy of the early Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who continue to practice polygamy but not for the rest of us.  They believe it brings exaltation in heaven.  The practice was banned by the Mormon church in 1890 and carries a penalty of excommunication for any member who still engages in the practice.

Bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utah, punishable by a prison term of up to five years.

“If it really goes to a court situation, then our people are going to go right back into isolation,” was there comment to this.

Well Bite Me! but this is a real disgrace and the worse thing about it is that they don’t seem to know it.

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    Shaq and Hoopz are engaged!

    Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

    The news around town is that Shaq is not only a new Boston Celtic but he has also just got engaged.  Apparently, on Monday night Shaq proposed to “Hoopz” from VH1 reality show fame in St. Louis.

    Hoopz is Nicole Alexander, actually won the show and the prize of Flav’s love.

    According to the Boston Herald there are wedding bells in the offing.  Can you credit this unbelievable news story:

    Perhaps Shaq is planning on feathering his nest with reported fiancee Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.

    According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, he went all traditional and got down on one knee on the dance floor at the Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Hookah Lounge and put a ring on Hoopz finger.

    Alright maybe it is true. Gotta say though you can hardly blame the guy.

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