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“Worst of Humanity”: Judge says of Sheriff Guilty of Drugs, Murder Plots, Orders Life Sentence

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

A federal judge piled scorn on disgraced Illinois sheriff Raymond Martin and branded him “the worst of humanity.”

U.S. District Judge J. Phil Gilbert sided with prosecutors in deciding that Martin should be harshly punished sentencing Martin to life in prison for trafficking marijuana on the job, and a foiled plot to have potential witnesses killed.

He went on to admonish the sheriff of southern Illinois’ Gallatin County saying that he was “nothing but a common thief and thug who disregarded the very laws that you swore to uphold, defend, protect and honor.”

“You could have likely been sheriff until you decided to retire. But no, you couldn’t stand prosperity, and your arrogance, greed and power got the best of you,” Gilbert continued.

Martin lost his position within days of his conviction last September on all 15 felony counts.

Martin, a Democrat who had been re-elected four times, has been jailed since May 2009, when federal agents hauled him off from his office in Shawneetown on marijuana-dealing charges.  Despite subsequently plotting to kill witnesses, Martin clung to his job and still got his $40,000-a-year salary until the county fired him after his conviction.

Martin who had nearly a 20-year run as sheriff showed little remorse and Gilbert apparently irked by this said “I believe in your mind your only regret is that you got caught.”

Moments before being handed two life terms on weapons charges and numerous 10- and five-year terms on the other counts Martin pledged to appeal, claiming more documents and witnesses presented on his behalf at trial could have acquitted him.

“Your Honor, I come before you today not claiming to be no angel but can assure you I’m not the man prosecutors are trying to portray me as,” Martin, 48, told Gilbert, denying he ever schemed to have anyone killed.

Gilbert’s response belayed his overall feeling of the case.

“In all my years as a judge, I have never seen a criminal case where the evidence of guilt was so overwhelming,” the judge told Martin. whose marijuana-trafficking while on duty – often involving pot he pilfered from his department’s evidence locker – was surveilled by investigators by plane and on the ground.

Gilbert also fined Martin $50,000 and swatted down the man’s request to be allowed free while he appealed.

Authorities said Martin enlisted his then-wife, Kristina Martin, 37, and 21-year-old son Cody Martin in the plot to kill the witnesses.  Martin is said to have offered 2 of his cellmates $17,000 each and supplied them with a detailed map to the targets’ homes.   Raymond and Kristina Martin since have divorced.

Martin’s son Cody testified against his father.

“Words cannot adequately describe how despicable it was for what you did to your son, Cody.  Animals protect their young more than you did yours.”

The alleged plot unraveled when one of the two would-be hit men got cold feet and reported the plan to authorities.

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Airman David Gutierrez gets 8 years for Exposing Sex Partners To HIV

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

A former Tech Sergeant at McConnell Air Force Base, was charged with knowingly endangering multiple sexual partners by not informing them that he had HIV.

David Gutierrez was found guilty of aggravated assault and violating a commander’s orders on Wednesday.

After being diagnosed with HIV his superior had demanded that he inform his sexual partners of his HIV diagnosis and use condoms, but just days after orders, he had vaginal sex, and did not inform his partner of his HIV status thus knowingly putting these people in danger, prosecutor Captain Brian Mason told the judge.

Gutierrez was sentenced to eight years in prison by the court martial judge and is to be dishonorably charged from the military.

Now afraid of losing the government assistance he uses to pay his medical bills after his sentence, Gutierrez said he’d rather stay in jail longer.

Gutierrez and his wife met multiple sex partners at swingers parties and on swingers websites and neglected to tell his partners that he had HIV.  He continued to have repeated liaisons and unprotected sex.

Dr. Donna Sweet testified that at the time that the former airman was having unprotected sex with several partners, the probability of passing the disease was very low due to his viral levels.

When Dr. Sweet was asked if transmitting the disease was still possible, she replied ‘I don’t think it was probable, but it was possible.’

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Nurse Loses License for 20 Years for having Sex with Dying Patient,

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

A 33-year-old nurse who worked in an Oklahoma hospice program, is being banned from the profession for 20 years after allegedly having sex with a married terminally ill-patient.

Amber Van Brunt, allegedly had sex with a 43-year-old terminally ill man suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease at his home.

Van Brunt filed for an appeal and a hearing is set for Wednesday.   Van Brunt, calls the discipline a “miscarriage of justice,” according to The Oklahoman and claims that she had a consensual relationship with the patient.

The lawyer said that relationship was carried out on the nurse’s “own personal time” while she was visiting as a friend, not while she was on duty caring for him.

The relationship was discovered after the patient attempted suicide in March, two days after Van Brunt ‘s text saying that she was pregnant by another man.  The patient died in May.

The nursing board responded that it doesn’t matter when it happened Van Brunt was still provided nursing care for patient at his home.  They also said there is evidence of sexual contact during nursing visits.

“The nurse is the professional in this situation. It is the responsibility of the professional to say no to the vulnerable patient,” the board’s attorney told Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish. “The rules …do not mean simply while you are on shift; they mean during the entire time …you are assigned to the care of that patient, whether that is six days in the hospital or six months in hospice care or six years in a nursing home.”

Van Brunt, of Shawnee, worked in a program at Angelic Family Hospice.

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    Judge Orders Wesley Snipes to Surrender immediately.

    Saturday, November 20th, 2010

    A judge has ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender to federal authorities on an immediate basis to begin serving a 3-year prison sentence for tax evasion crimes.

    Snipes has been appealing since being found guilty of the charges in 2008.

    Time seems to have been called on the actor as a U.S. District Court judge is putting his foot down demands that Snipes turn himself in forthwith.

    Wesley Snipes Movies

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    Jeffrey Landrigan’s Last Words before Execution: Boomer Sooner

    Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

    Death row inmate Jeffrey Landrigan, 50, who was convicted of the murder of Chester Dean Dyer in 1989, was executed by legal injection at 6.26 am this morning.

    Landrigan had been granted a stay of execution over concerns about the legality of the substances used to kill him.  An unnamed British company supplied one of the chemicals used in lethal injections, it has been revealed as the drug has not been available in the US and the shortage began slowing executions in the spring.   His lawyers argued that the drug – sodium thiopental – might not meet U.S. standards and his planned execution violated his constitutional rights to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

    But it was cleared to proceed after Supreme Court justices voted 5-4 in favour of overturning the federal judge’s order postponing the execution.

    A prison official said Landrigan’s last words were, “Boomer Sooner.”

    Landrigan, though executed in Arizona, hailed from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and was a fan of the Sooners.  It would appear until the end.

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    Anita Hill: Has no reason to apologize to Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment accusation.

    Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

    Anita Hill claimed she had no reason to apologize for her accusations of sexual harassment by then-Supreme Court justice nominee Clarence Thomas

    The issue was reopened by Virginia Thomas 19 years after his confirmation hearings when she left a voicemail on Hill’s office phone “extending an olive branch” to Hill over the weekend. She asked Hill to apologize for the allegations that surfaced at Thomas’ confirmation hearings for a seat on the high court bench in 1991.

    Hill, now a Brandeis University professor, called the message “inappropriate.” She is adamant that she has no reason to apologize.

    “I have no intention of apologizing because I testified truthfully about my experience and I stand by that testimony,” she said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

    Essay on Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas

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    Largest-ever Medicare fraud racket allegedly headed by Armen Kazarian

    Thursday, October 14th, 2010

    Armen Kazarian is the alleged (godfather) said to be responsible for the largest-ever Medicare fraud racket in a coast to coast operation where more than $160 million in fake Medicare invoices were generated from an estimated 118 medical clinics in 25 states.  Kazarian 46, was apprehended after being recorded by federal authorities making threats against those Medicare patients who failed to pay his racket’s fake medical bills.

    Dozens of people were arrested in connection with the fraud carried out by an Armenian-American organized crime group.

    The vast majority of the fictional clinics were rented Mail Boxesand using used stolen patient and doctor IDs to make the fraudulent claims.  $35 million was actually paid out by Medicare before the scam was uncovered.  The group was based in New York City and Los Angeles, though the fraud clams were initiated nationwide.

    Many 65 and older Americans depend upon Medicare for their health insurance coverage.

    Charges have been filed in California, Georgia, New Mexico and Ohio against a total of 73 defendants, writes the New York Post.  Noted among the defendants is Robert Terdjanian, 35, of Brooklyn.  He was allegedly the East Coast ringleader of Armen Kazarian’s gang, and charges against him include threatening to disembowel one of his extortion victims.

    Davit Mirzoyan of Los Angeles is alleged to have been in control of other illegal operations for which the Kazarian group is being charged, including sale of illegal narcotics, untaxed cigarettes and Viagra.  Also in the realm of insurance, Aron Chervin is accused of recruiting strippers to file bogus automotive insurance claims. Various suspects are accused of money laundering via the purchase of Las Vegas casino chips.

    Attorneys for the accused have indicated that their Armenian clients plan to plead not guilty on all charges.

    What you need to know about Medicare!

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