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Katy Perry dons Red Nose as support for Chris Moyles

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Singer Katy Perry dropped into BBC Radio One at 2 a.m looking amazing in a figure hugging silver gray number.

Katy donned a red clown nose in support for presenter Chris Moyles during a record breaking broadcast for Comic Relief.

Moyles was already on the 44th hour of his marathon session when Katy dropped in!

Photos by GEM/MANM

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Sexy Iliza Shlesinger is Hilarious and Smokin’ Hot

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Iliza Shlesinger is the youngest winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  She won in 2008 and is easily the hottest female on the comedienne circuit ever.

Her other claim to fame is that she is also the only female to win NBC’s worst reality show.

She is 27, and was born in Dallas and went to college at Emerson.

“I know that it registers with other people that I’m a female, but it has never registered with me in all the comedy I’ve done over the years,” says Shlesinger.  “That’s never been an issue.  I’ve never blamed it, I’d never use it as a crutch.”

Shlesinger goes on: “I think to a lot of people it means a lot of different things.  But for me, I’m just Iliza and I won. I’m a comedian that won.  The female thing I can’t comment on because I just don’t feel that in my heart.”

Check out the video of Iliza Shlesinger’s act and let us know if you agree!

Find out more about Iliza Shlesinger

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Rally for Sanity; SNL comedy legend Father Guido Sarducci

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Father Guido Sarducci led the “faithful” at today’s anti-rally of comedy to an estimate 60,000 crowd.  The Saturday Night Live character, Sarducci the pragmatic, chain-smoking priest with tinted eyeglasses was made famous by SNL-er Don Novello.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert emake light of Glenn Beck efforts on the National Mall, and have called their faithful for a “sanity” rally combining laughter, political activism and a call to civility where Ozzy Osbourne and many other celebrities entertained the crowd.

The O’Jays performed “Love Train”, which maybe not so coincidentally was one of  John McCain’s (GOP candidate) presidential campaign tour songs.

The crowds held signs that read “Every word on this sign is spelled correctly” and “I hate signs,” said one sign.

People in favor of decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana are out in full force too. CNN reports many seniors who depend on the herb for a long list of ailments including easing the effects of chemotherapy and acute illnesses are hopeful that the natural herbal medication will be easier to obtain.

Organizers insisted the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear wasn’t about politics but a booster rally of sorts for fans of the shows to come together.

Comedy Central’s park permit puts the crowd .

Cat Stevens Music

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