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‘Top Chef’ Star Padma Lakshmi in Custody Battle for Daughter

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Top Chef Star Padma Lakshmi has been hit with a custody case by her ex.  According to reports Adam Dell (brother of the computer Dell) filed papers in Manhattan for full custody of their 11 month old baby daugher Krishna Thea Lakshmi.

Under an out-of-court agreement, Adam has visitation rights to see his  daughter, 9 days a month. The agreement is said to be in effect until February 20, when Krishna turns 1.

Now negotiations for new visitation agreements have fallen apart as the two have since fallen out over that and the name Padma chose for the baby.  Adam is said to have gone to the hospital and launched into a 4-hour tirade over the name.

Adam who had an on/off relationship with Padma also complaining he was only allowed to see the baby 7 hours a month, though sources connected with Padma say she has never denied him a day of visitation.

Apparently Padma has made it clear to Adam she wants nothing to do with him other than raising the baby.  She is said to feel that this is Adam’s way of forcing a relationship.

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Joseph Cerniglia who appeared in Kitchen’s Nightmares commits suicide!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Joseph Cerniglia who appeared in Kitchen Nightmares was found dead in New York’s Hudson River late last week.  His death was ruled as suicide.

This is the second incident where a Gordon Ramsay reality show participant commits suicide.

The first was Rachel Brown, who shot herself to death in her family’s Dallas home in 2007.  The incident happened one year after coming in fifth on the chef’s competition show.

Officials received a 911 call about Cerniglia’s body on Friday afternoon, shortly after getting calls about a man who jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

When he competed on the show in 2007, Cerniglia was in debt and struggling to keep his New Jersey restaurant Campania.

He claimed at the time:

“I’m financially in trouble — the debt of the restaurant alone is overwhelming. My personal debt — wife, kids mortgage — that’s a lot of debt,” he told Ramsay on the show. “I owe my purveyors about $80,000 right now in cold, hard cash… I can’t see us going on another year.”

Ramsay renovated the restaurant and helped give the staffers pointers on how to run their business better and it steadily grew more successful.

“The place is really doing well — the parking lot is packed on weekends,” a woman who works at a neighboring tanning salon told the New York Post.

Another employee at the salon added: “[Cerniglia] said Ramsay was intense but that he turned out to be a nice guy, that in the end, he helped him out.”

Cerniglia’s family posted a message on his Facebook page “to thank all of the friends who have sent their condolences,” and also asked for donations to support his widow and their three sons, Evan, Michael and Nicholas.

What a sad event for his family!

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