Hi, Rhumor here and I want to welcome you all to Well Bite Me, the social media network that gives you a voice.

If you want to make a name for yourself and work in the Media then now is your chance to get yourself out there and gather your own fan base.  It’s the public after all that make you a star.  Well Bite Me is looking for people just like you who want to work in the media.  You need to have a strong sense of identity and the courage to get up there and do your own thing.

Our competition will have 12 heats and will be based on Movies, Celebrity Fashion and Gossip, TV serials or their cast and any other Media driven topics that you care to give your opinions about.

You may enter as many of these heats throughout the year as you wish.  Just remember that although we want entertaining content the most important thing is that we want to get to know you, so don’t hold back.  Be yourself and have fun.

You can post articles at any time.  You will get the credits and responses from the readers.  Send in many articles and your name will get known and people will start to recognize your work.

If you gain enough popularity and responses then we will give you a page of your own and you will also win a place in the Personality of the Year Award Final.

Everyone has to start somewhere and most of the people at the top of their game now were not lucky enough to have social networking behind them.

We are waiting so get ready to send in your reviews and articles.

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