Hollywood’s New Diet Secret…Appetite Control

When it comes to staying in shape, no one feels the pressure more than celebrities. Every time Jen or Angie puts on 5 pounds, the tabloids have a field day.

So how do the stars stay slim? A California Company has recently launched an interesting new product which may signal a major breakthrough in weight loss, and Hollywood is taking notice. The company, Sensa, came up with an innovative way to convince the brain to stop overeating.

Maybe you’ve read about Sensa in The New York Times and Time magazine, or seen it on Dateline NBC and Extra! It’s been getting a lot of press coverage because of its impressive clinical results, its unique approach to weight loss, and the amazing story behind its development.

What’s so interesting is that Sensa wasn’t created by the typical “diet doctor” – instead, it was discovered, somewhat accidentally, by a neurologist named Dr. Alan Hirsch, based on his 20-plus years of research into smell and taste disorders.

What does smell have to do with weight loss? As it turns out, everything. See, hunger isn’t controlled by the stomach, but by the brain, and the primary mechanisms that controls how much we eat is our sense of smell.

Enter Dr. Hirsch, an intrepid doctor and scientist, whose lifelong specialty has been understanding how our senses, and in particular, smell and taste affect the brain’s functioning. Dr Hirsch studied hundreds of compounds and after years of research developed a set of virtually odorless and tasteless food sprinkles called “Tastants” that have shown a strong impact on the body’s appetite-control center. Then, in one of the largest studies of a non-prescription weight-loss system, these Tastants were tested for effectiveness as a means of weight loss.

The results were significant. Over a 6 month period, 1,436 women and men sprinkled, flavorless “Tastant” crystals on everything they ate, and lost an average of 30.5 pounds – nearly 15% of their total body weight.

Participants achieved these results without having to follow any special exercise regime or diet.

Best of all, Sensa contains no stimulants or fat-blockers, so there are no unpleasant side-effects.

According to Dr Hirsch, “With Sensa, you can eat all the foods that satisfy your senses and you don’t have to deal with any intense food cravings or feelings of starvation. Sensa merely helps you eat less of the foods you love and gain greater satisfaction from smaller portions.”

It didn’t take long before the media – and Hollywood – caught on. After all, a flavorless, odorless sprinkle that triggers this type of weight loss? Sounds like something cooked up by a Hollywood studio, right?

Real weight loss without diet and exercise – too good to be true? Apparently the company anticipated a somewhat skeptical response from consumers so they have launched the Sensa Challange.

They are so sure you will lose weight with Sensa that new customers get to use the product for 30 days so that you can see real weight loss before deciding if they want to pay for it or not.

Click here to learn more about this free trial offer.

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