Listen to Lil Kim Diss Nicki Minaj on New Song!

Nicki Minaj has received a lot of praise for her star-studded debut, Pink Friday but not everyone is in Minaj’s corner.

Rapper Lil Kim disses Nicki Minaj in “Black Friday,” in a new song that you can hear below and in addition also lashes out at Drake on “Black Friday,” insinuating that the rap game is too tough for the two relative newcomers.  ”Black Friday” gets straight to the point, with Lil Kim dissing Nicki Minaj as follows:

“I’m turning Pink Friday into Friday the 13th…aight, you Lil’ Kim clone clown, all this buffoonery sh*t stops now, time for you to lay down. I’m sick of the fraud, I’ll put hands on this b*tch like a spa massage…this his hood sh*t you and Drake ain’t built for. This sh*t the other b*tch almost got killed for.”

Lil Kim goes on to boast that she is on top whilst Nicki Minaj is on her “fourteenth minute of fame.”

What do you think.  A little bit of jealousy creeping in there?

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